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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wonderful App: AskMe "Bapp of all apps"

Today we would like to review another android app "AskMe". This is one of the finest multitasking program we use. AskMe app, which is developed by Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd., largely for Indians to hunt information regarding their locality in simple and easy manners. In today's hectic life style, a program like AskMe will be able to allow you to save tons of your valuable time.

AskMe AppInstalling many of apps can make your smartphone too slow. That is why you need an individual app on your own mobile phone that can handle multiple tasks of various programs. AskMe is one kind of program which unites so many functions to one program.

AskMe additionally provides many fascinating locale deals and offers for its users. We've been using this wonderful app for last 15 days and within our city, we have discovered many new businesses and firms within this short span. Because of AskMe for making us aware of these new businesses.
Highlights of the AskMe Application

The program has many noticeable features as compared to its competing apps.

1. AskMe helps users to search for greatest businesses that are present in their own locality and new.

2. Users of AskMe program can easily locate amazing deals and offers given by their locale companies.

3. Users of the app will get latest classifieds on jobs, mobile, real estate, cars etc. right on their mobile phone.

4. Users can create own listings of their favourite local businessese.

5. The online shopping shop that is integrated AskmeBazaar, help users to buy variety of products directly from their smartphone.

6. Lots of reviews and other stuff is what impresses me to do this review.

7. Users can readily ascertain the quality of the businesses by reading other users' review.

8. The program gives users the opportunity to find addresses and the phone numbers for many different businesses.
The businesses can be called by the users directly.

9. The android program loads fast.

10. The layout of AskMe app is so simple, user friendly and simple to use.

Every smartphone user likes an app that use really low data uses, use less battery and runs smoothly. The program AskMe help the program to acquire popularity in Android market within an extremely short time and has all these characteristics.

If your device runs on Android 2.2 and above, get the app by visiting the official Play Store link of AskMe program.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ChatWork- Awesome Team Communications on Cloud Review

ChatWork, which makes an easiest communication platform for the business teams and companies. The main features that provided by they are voice and video chats, group or individual text, task management, and file sharing in a single service. Which can also be used both within and between companies. The users in ChatWork are increasing at an average rate of 15,000 new users per month. So in order to attract more teams and companies they released a new feature that allows users to add their Facebook friends automatically.

This makes the user to find people in an easier manner and begin collaboration. It is well efficient used by the U.S markets to make their business an easiest one.

“ChatWork is a simpler, efficient way for teams to work together than email alone,” said Toshiyuki Yamamoto, CEO of ChatWork. 

ChatWork, cloud collaboration which helps the business teams to get their work done in faster and easier. It’s very easy to use as it works with most modern browser and no additional software installation is required. Mobile apps is also available for iOS and android devices. Without pop-up windows users can conduct video chats and auto-save notes within a single interface.chatwork has a free and attractive paid plans starting at $2.00 per user per month which offers ability to add more users, message search features, storage space etc. 
It has several advantages over email. Its instant message technique provides much faster file transfer suited for a better team conversation.itsalso helps the users to get rid from the critical problem found in many other collaboration solutions that use instant messaging. It provides a conversation speed rate which is three times greater than Dropbox and Evernote . For more information, visit peep into http://www.chatwork.com/

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5 business power point templates free download

What is a template?

A template is the basic design which might be attractive enough to surprise your eyes. A PowerPoint template contains other presentation styles, which include size and type of bullets & fonts, color schemes and placeholder sizes. It contains all of these features and a title master too. You can also create custom type of templates which can be edited according to your choice.

Why Business PowerPoint Template is Important?

Business template is important during delivery of presentation, to the client. A appealing business template adds to reality of presentation and attract the listeners. So, it is necessary to choose a good background template, for the business presentation.

5 Business PowerPoint Template available for Free:

  • Business around the World PowerPoint Template: You can attract and impress your clients or audience with ‘Business around the World PowerPoint Template’. It is really appealing template. It is brought to you by Digital-Office-Pro.  You have various color choices available for this template like grey, blue etc. The slides for this template come with PowerPoint diagrams, pie charts and shapes too. Make your presentation beautiful using this fully-editable template in your presentation.

  • Global Business Professionals PowerPoint Template: The template is blue in color and will attract the viewers through its light background and serenity. This template is also powered by Digital-Office-Pro. This template is great choice for making presentations on outsourcing, manager, leadership, human resources, marketing and group of workers. The PowerPoint slides for this template also come with shapes, pie charts and diagrams. Most of the professionals use this template for presentation on marketing and finance.

  • Global Partner PowerPoint Presentation Template: The smartest of all templates is- Global Partner PowerPoint Presentation Template. This is royal blue in color. This template is designed by Microsoft itself. The Global Partner PowerPoint Presentation Template can be used in corporate presentations and presentations for multinational companies. The slide design also has a really impressive globe in background and a modern footer attached to it.

  • On Target PowerPoint Template: It is a business marketing template designed by Presentermedia.com. This template is generally used for marketing and goal planning presentations. It also has shapes, diagrams and pie charts in it. The background of this template shows a bulls-eye hit by the arrow at the center which makes this template suitable for goal planning presentations.

  • Corporate Business Green PowerPoint Template:
    The template is completely free and is green in color. Corporate Business Green PowerPoint Template is designed by Microsoft. The slide background contains map of the world and city building photo on top of cover slide. The template is quite simple but looks highly professional. It is highly used for business presentations. One its greatest feature is that it is a widescreen template.


If you are going for business presentations, the template I will refer you is Global Business Professionals PowerPoint Template because of its theme color and the appealing look it have. Its look will completely mesmerize the audience. And hope your presentation might bring you success.

Author Bio:I am Arun Rana a dedicated 21 years old Part time blogger ,loves to Play Cricket and other Sports & running a T20 related Blog CLT20 2013. Currently a B.tech (Mechanical ) 3rd year student living in New Delhi

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

LED: Leading Ahead of CFLs and Incandescent bulbs

L  - Less power required

E - Efficient

D - Durable

That is my definition of LEDs, or light emitting diodes, be it for lighting purposes or for television; commercial or for domestic use; LEDs provide just the perfect combination of the cost effectiveness, efficiency and longevity. Light emitting diode works on the same principles as that of an ordinary diode, but is operative in emitting light. This is possible due to the participating elements (belonging to the semi-conductor group) in the diode –which produce light when the atoms of the first element having greater energy loses electrons to the other element for shedding energy.

LEDs have been used as a critical component in many electrical devices since long, however the use of LEDs for lighting purposes is quite recent. Characteristically LEDs have been used in flashlights, backlights, camera flashes and mobile phones. The infra-red versions of LEDs are used for night illumination.

However in the modern day LEDs have grown to be a major favorite in domestic and commercial lighting arena even surpassing CFLs which have been counted as being more efficient than the neon tube-lights and traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs have proven to be the better option due to the various advantages they offer. 

Party Wonders

Let us begin with physical aspects. In contrast to the CFLs which are only available in white, LEDs are available in a wide range of colors which is certainly more attractive to the consumers. LED lighting is in fact in great demand for decoration purposes, both indoors and outdoors. “Fairy lights” seem to have completely taken over from the CFL in the party d├ęcor category.

Brighter is better

LED lights are based on the phenomenon of electroluminescence; hence they are comparatively more compact and provide greater brightness than CFLs. this is a contributing reason as to why more and more people are drifting towards LEDs.

Cost Factor

Presently the cost of LEDs is more than CFLs, but its long life actually makes up more than the worth of its initial prices. With increased demand and bulk production, the cost is expected to go down further. The initial cost of LEDs should definitely not be a dissuading factor as the low power consumption and almost 6 times greater longevity than CFLs, probably makes is more cost effective than CFLs.


In stark distinction to the CFLs, LEDs have much lesser harmful impact on the environment. The LEDs do not contain mercury, do not emit Ultraviolet rays, radiate less heat and the carbon emission rate is also very low, such that a building’s carbon footprint can go down by 85%, if the incandescent lights are replaced by LEDs (now that is certainly very encouraging).


LEDs are easier to control and program and are neither sensitive to low temperatures nor humidity. Couple the long life of LEDs with features of being robust and hardy, resistant to shocks, vibration, jarring and bumping, and this will undoubtedly make for the best deal in place.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Advantages of getting Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 is the hot new entrant in the world of mobile phones. Controversies surrounding its launch and its ongoing corporate warfare with Apple added to its popularity from the very first. People who have used this are going gaga over its myriad benefits. One of the reasons why buyers like it so much is because it is a user-friendly device which can be utilized in a variety of ways. Another reason is the price factor which is much less than compared to the other smart phones. The reasonable prices no way diminished the quality of the services offered or the richness of the features which are incorporated in this device.

Samsung is an established name in the world of electronic gadgets. With the number of highly popular product launches to its credit, Samsung Galaxy S3 has turned into a feather in the cap. It contains a state of the art processing chip, which is revolutionizing the way people handle their mobile phones. A recent survey has shown that this brand-new device has turned into the hottest selling mobile phone till date and not without reasons. It has a compact structure, which houses mind-boggling functions and features.

Some of the advantages of getting Samsung Galaxy S3 are as follows.

It comes with state-of-the-art navigation software

When one goes to a new destination which they are not familiar with, the Samsung Galaxy S3can proves to be a friend in need. This is because the ultramodern navigation software installed inside it lets a person know exactly where they are at the moment. Get turn by turn information on this device, which makes one feel that they are not alone in a foreign land. It allows the user an access to the extensive Google Maps. As a result the side streets, highways and various landmarks start appearing familiar even if someone has never come to the place before.

Flexible battery charging options

Samsung Galaxy S3 is surely an on the go mobile device. It has a compact, portable size and highly flexible battery charging options which come in handy on the roads. There is a standard USB cable accompanying it for the charging process. It can be done either from the USB port available in the computer devices or from standard power sources. For those who are interested, even wireless charging option is available on this smart phone. With so many user-friendly options keeping the battery fully charged is never going to be a chore.

Numerous entertainment options

One of the advantages of having Samsung Galaxy S3 around is that it never allows one to get bored easily. This is because there is a plethora of entertainment options for the users on this smart phone. For example, full-length movies and videos can be watched on TV inside this mobile because of the HDMI support features. The download speed on these devises also lightning fast with a rate of around 21MB/sec. With high storage capacity, download and install as many games and multimedia required without putting extra load or compromising the quality of functioning.

About Author:
Harry Sehgal writes for NanoString and also shares articles on Wordpress and Blogging.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Android Phones- The Latest Popular Trend In Mobile Phones

Android Operating System
One of the recent craze that has taken in the mobile industry is the Android Phone. The Android phones are far better known being the smart phones, making use of the Android tool with outstanding features as well as apps. The Android mobile phones are now famously preferred mobile gadget making use of the avant-garde and highly advanced technology. Such phone has been proven to be a desired one, not to mention that it has the best downloading tool for applications. The android alone is a Linux based operating system and has been developed by Andy Rubin, a genius Google employee.

The Android mobile phone gives out a reasonable platform for downloading tools as well as online applications for free. A user doesn’t really need to pay for the applications being offered by Android and it could be downloaded even without paying any extra. These applications are developed by third parties or from professionals of a certain development company. These apps are created with keeping different requirements of the clients and are completed with the assistance of advanced technology. What’s more is that, it doesn’t need any sort of licensing permission. These apps could be taken on affordable prices, making it reasonable to make more unique apps for the android industry. These days, most of the Android mobiles are building in systems that are priced based upon its features.

Moreover, the Android phones are also built with the integrated and advanced technology, providing the needed platform for different applications. Most of the programs could also be combined with a certain platform. Most of the times, development companies for mobiles are using Android as their platform for combining different programs and promote them. Such phones are coveted and in higher demands in the present generation. The android phones are branded for its user-friendliness, multi-tasking and multi-functional abilities. They are run by the well-tailored graphics in both 2 and 3D libraries intended with the usage of Open GL ES 1.0.

The Android phones are designed for making the task much easier, enabling it with the right security for the user’s safety.  These simply have the framework of features applications that is being used for replacing or re-using the phone’s major components. The phone browser is even dependent on the open source of the engine, built-in SQLite, wherein one could store essential data. These special phones are enabled with the formats that support media just like video, audio and images like MP4, MPEG4, AAC and more. It also has different add-on features just like Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, Camera, the GPS navigator that offers greater advantage and the compass right on a handset.

Other best features one could find in this superior mobile phone is its capacity of storage., emulator, tool for debugging, profiling and the plug-ins. Such phones are simply patented by features, especially the Amoled display, sleek design as well as its processor, which is the dual-core application. There’s just lots of latest trends in mobile phone that you could find in Android handsets. So, why not give it a try?

Author Bio:
This article was written by Brad Harris, researcher and lead writer for netcoupons online. Brad has an avid interest in all things technology and loves writing about the latest trends in tech.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

10 Benefits of UPS PC Protection you should know

UPS - Uninterruptable Power SupplyUPS or Uninterruptable Power Supply system is the life savior, which ensures that your computer stays safe and sound and so does your unsaved data in times of a power cut.

1. A computer is expensive machinery that one cannot do without in these times. Many a times many of us have faced a situation when we have lost all the data because of a sudden blackout. The pain and agony of the work gone is tremendous. A UPS makes sure that this does not happen. Even if the work has not been saved and a powercut takes place, the UPS will ensure that there is enough power for enough time for the user to save his data safely for future use.

2. A sudden blackout or power cut can have a jolting effect on one’s computer. Anything from hardware degradation, keyboard lockup to motherboard damage can happen. But, if a UPS is present then all of these can easily be avoided.

3. It is a brilliant and one time investment. By researching thoroughly and finding the right UPS for one’s computer one can save a lot of money and headache for future. Some UPS can be quite costly but it is guaranteed that once it is bought it will work for a long time and save any other future investments.

4. Brief surges in voltage caused by lightning strikes can ruin a machine. A UPS acts as a buffer and saves machinery from any such damage.

5. Spikes or burnouts can be very dangerous for the machine. A sudden hike or fall in power can damage the machine internally and also burn into the hardware. It can also be very dangerous for the user as many computers have been reported to have blown up in such situations.

6. Power failure is quite common in our country. It is one of the main reasons why machines should have a UPS system to back them up. In places like hospitals, schools, offices, airlines and police stations, it is a must. Even a temporary power failure or disruption can mean loss of a life.

7. Line noise or interference from electrical appliances can also be quite dangerous and UPS ensures such a thing does not occur especially when a user present.

8. The UPS helps in saving files and data from getting lost and corrupted by backing up the machines.

9. It acts fast and keeps the computer safe.

10. A must have if there are young children in the house. Machines can burst, burn and even leak toxins if there are power cuts. A UPS will ensure that it does not happen.

A UPS is a must if you have a computer or similar machinery to make sure that they are safe and so are you.

Author Bio:
This article was written by Jerry he likes to write about the UPS systems he works with at Borri, when he isn’t spreading his knowledge on UPS systems he is trying to perfect the standbypower technology at Borri.

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