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Sunday, April 1, 2012

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Auto Post Birthday Wishes On Facebook !!

Birthday's Are Very Special For Everyone as you know, and it becomes even more special if someone special greets you at sharp 12 am :D
And That's so Weird When You Damn Forget Someone's Birthday at Times. Now No Worries For that!
Here Comes a birthdayFB, an App With Which You Don't Need To Do it Manually Going to your friend's wall and then wishing them but all this will be done through birthdayFB app in Facebook.

With a Website or You can Say an App Like birthdayFB all your hope is not yet be lost. Its so simple app which automatically posts birthday wishes to your friend's wall at sharp 12am. :D
There are many apps like this on facebook but the main thing is that it doesn't let your friends know that you are using any app to post b'day wishes or any kinda 3rd party application and so it's like a real friend who does your job very easily.
Here's The Screenshot below for this website, just follow step by step procedure!

Use birthdayFB To Make Your Own Birthday Greetings !!

  • First Of all Login To your Facebook Account!
  • In Next Tab Open And Click On "Connect With Facebook" on Top of the page as given below.

  • Now This App Will ask For Permission to access your data. Here data means like your friends b'day lists and much more.

  • Click on "Login with facebook" And Then Again on "Allow" Button As Shown Below.

  • Now You Can See The list of the upcoming birthdays of your facebook friends. Here Below I have Blacked Out My Friends Name Due to Some Privacy Reasons!

  • Again If you want to customize your greeting message that would be posted on your friend's wall then click on that tiny drop down and select "Write Message" as shown below.
You Can Also Go Into The "Write Message" Section Above from the top toolbar to compose your greeting message for that particular friend that you have selected.

  • Now As shown in the screenshot below, you can also choose from some of the canned b'day wishes or write on your own.

You can also see all the stock of canned messages in above canned message section.

  • Finally Here Comes the Most Important Thing,
If You Want To Change The Schedule Timings For posting that greeting message then go to preferences section above and change the desired settings as shown below.

So Hope You All Like This Post, as this birthdayFb app is so simple, and at times, just assists in keeping those social commitments!
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