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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Download Chikka Messenger for Android, iOS & Windows

Here Comes, Another Messenger "Chikka Text Messenger" which let you send free text messages to all mobile users of Philippines from any corner of the world. The other Person can also reply to you immediately either from their mobile phones or from the Messenger clients.
Chikka Messenger For Android, iPhone Logo

Its Salient Features Include:

Text for Free

You can Send upto 100 Text Messages(free ones) to Philippine Mobile Users. 


You can Access Chikka Text from any of the available Platform; Mobile, Desktop, Web, Android, iPhone, Facebook and Google Chrome Extension.

Cheaper Replies from Mobile phones:

Now you can also get Chikka's Reply and Text Plans for less than PHP 1, i.e PHP 0.50 per text send.
Chikka Messenger For Logo

No Mobile Number Required

You Don't even need a Mobile number to start, Just Create a New Account and Send free Text Messages to Philippines Mobile Users.

Never miss a message

Now Don't Miss a Single Message, when you go offline or had Signed out. You'll get your Texts on your Mobile or will get it by Email.

Chikka with Online buddies

You can talk to as many users you want instantly using Chikka Text Messenger. 

Email via text, Text via Email

With Chikka, You can send your Email Messages from your Mobile Number easily through text and also can send your text messages from your email account. 

Instant Contacts

You can also text anyone from your contacts available in iPhone and Android, and also can directly text your Facebook friends too.

Messenger Themes

You can have many themes for your iPhone, Android and your Kind Desktop. :D

Share via Chikka

You can also, Tweet and Post your Texts on Facebook and Twitter; with that you can too invite your friends to Join Chikka.
Download Chikka Messenger for iOS
Download Chikka Messenger for Android

Download Chikka Messenger for Windows

Download Chikka Messenger Extension for Chrome

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